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Our Free Venice Tours

4 meeting points to discover whole Venice, unlimited knowledge and fun! Book now your free tour in Venice! 2 tours everyday all year long!

Probably you know Sandemans walking tours and you love walking holidays...Do you want to know people coming from each part of the world discovering the real hidden Venice from a Venetian point of view? Wear your best smile and join our FREE WALK IN VENICE by Isola Tour!

We provide many different Venice free tours. Our city walk is the perfect introduction to Venice and its secrets. We are starting  from 4 different meeting points (according to the days and seasons) in order to let you know the whole Venice from a Venetian point of view.   We have free tours in two languages, English and Italian. Please note that Italian language tours are not provided every day (only on request and with a min. number of participants), English ones are. To start the tour we need to receive at least 2 requests, and we can cancel the tour in case of organizational reasons.

If you are planning a trip to Venice Italy, we aware that we have several tours available to choose according on the weather conditions (but don't worry Venice weather is not a problem), size of the group and its preferences → democracy wins!), and each of us: Lucia, Riccardo and Veronica has a different way to show you Venice! We reserve ourselves  the right to choose the tour  we wish to perform depending on weather conditions and size of the group. Each one of us has  different itineraries but we all believe in a necessity to let you understand all aspects of the city starting from its very beginning. Our citywalk is the best venice sightseeing activity you can choose.

Each tour includes an overview of the map and we use to advise you  on how to best plan your stay and which places to visit during your stay.
Our main topic: construction of the city, geography, general historical overview, daily life, food&cuisine, Venice and its  hidden symbols and  meanings, movies set in Venice.

Tips on:

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Free Walk in Venice tours will NOT end at the starting point.

Duration about  2 h. /2.5 h. but remember that one life is not enough to know whole Venice !

Italy free walk in venice tours are provided by Isola Tour association.

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