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Monday, 16 December 2019 18:27

Marco Polo and the legend of the Chinese girl

Everyone knows the history of Marco Polo, but do you know this legend ?

Legend says that when Marco Polo lived  in China, he fell in love with one of the Great Khan's daughters and after marrying her, they came back to Venice together. The young and beautiful oriental princess was very sweet and polite, but didn't feel comfortable in the lagoon city and unfortunately she became victim of jealousy on the part of the Marco's sisters.

In 1298, when Marco Polo was captured in battle against the rival Italian city state of Genova (Genoa).  So, the envious sisters in law told the chinese girl that her husband was dead; reeling from pain the girl set fire to her clothes and jumped from the windows of Marco Polo's house into the underlying canal (the rio that you can see nowadays on front of the Malibran Theater).

The legend says that, sometimes, if at night you walk through the Milion courtyard (where Polo's houses stood) you can see a white figure floating in the air or you can hear a sweet song of Eastern origin.

There are no certain documents about this story , but a few years ago, during excavations in the foundations of the Malibran Theatre (built on Polo's old houses), human remains belonging to an Asian woman buried with objects of clear Chinese origins and a tiara with the imperial coat were found.

Who was this oriental woman?



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