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Thursday, 04 January 2018 13:39

Palazzo Abadessa - an hidden gem in Venice

Venice is more than just a city, it is an inimitable symbol, an open-air museum. It is unique, just like the priceless salons of the Palazzo Abadessa, a historical residence that has retained all the allure and fascination of a Venetian aristocratic home Damask silk fabrics, frescoes and paintings fron the great masters of the past are the setting for an incredible environment.
An antique aristocratic home dating back to the XVIth century, the Palazzo was the residence of the Abbess Jeronima Calba before coming into the possession of the Priuli Family, doges od the Serenissima Republica Marinara. In the spacious garden, the stone statue of the Emperor Franz Josef bear witness to the fact that the Palazzo was also once the site of the Austro-Hungarian Embassy.
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