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Friday, 01 December 2017 12:17

The birth of Venice - poetry

The birth of Venice from the waters of he Lagoon is wonderfully rendered in the verses of the American poet Herman Melville: 

With Pantheist energy of will
The little craftsman of the Coral Sea
Strenuous in the blue abyss,
Up-builds his marvelous gallery
And long arcade,
Erections freaked with many a fringe
Of marble garlandry,
Evincing what a worm can do.

Laborious in a shallower wave,
Advanced in kindred art,
A prouder agent proved Pan's might
When Venice rose in reefs of palaces.

Venice began to rise from the waters thanks to the intrepid men who, fleeing from the barbarian invaders, abandoned their homes on the mainland and took refuge in the scattered islands of the Lagoon. 

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