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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 10:16

Free Walk in Venice tours presents "Othello in Venice"

The history of Othello is very original. In 1505 Cristoforo Moro, a Venetian patrician, went to Cyprus as a lieutenant. Three years later, he became a captain, and came back to Venice but during the trip his wife died.
These historical data originated the legend of a Moor, called Othello, who married Desdemona, a Venetian patrician. He went as a commander to Cyprus where overpowered by jealousy he killed his wife. In 1565 G.B. Giraldi Cinthio took his legend as a starting point for one of the novellas of the Hecatommithi. Finally the legend was made immortal by Shakespeare. The Shakespearean tragedy was written between 1601 and 1694 and was staged for the first time in November 1604. Only the first act of Othello is set in Venice and even in this case Shakespeare underlines only the most famous elements of the city. A detail of the first scene of the first act is curious when Roderigo and Iago are near Desdemona's house.
Tradition claims that Desdemona's father house is Contarini Fasan palace is st. Maria Zobenigo. The small building was built in gothic style.
The date in which it was constructed unknown but is believed to be between 1470 and 1480 as it was represented in 1500 by Jacopo de' Barbari.
The fascinating residence rises out of the water on one side of the Canal Grande (just in front of the Basilica della Salute) and on the other side it is hidden in a side street of calle XXII marzo.

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