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Tuesday, 01 November 2016 16:08

Bridges in Venice !

Venice is made up of a group of 126 (116-118?) islands joined together by about 400 bridges. Everywhere you go in Venice you will be walking over numerous bridges. The majority of them are for public access around the city but a fair few of them are privately owned, allowing access to homes or groups of houses.The Bridges of Venice are told to be exact 391, between public and private, not counting the islands, even the largest as the Giudecca, Murano, Burano and Torcello, whose bridges are counted separately.

When moving to Venice you must be provided with a pair of comfortable shoes to cross with relative ease the bridges that are encountered in the path that it was decided to undertake. The Venetians no longer count as bridges cross in their daily travels in Venice, while a tourist, unaccustomed to long walk, much less to climb the many steps, each bridge could become a torture, every step a stab at the side of the plant feet. Originally it was not as many as today. It was flat and made of wood, as still seen in Plant from bird's eye of Jacopo de Barbari, then, over the years, built arched, stepped, stone and brick . When were flat or with steps lower, deeper, to Venice circulating the carriages and the horses could graze in the fields at that time were not paved with stones.

Certainly the first wooden bridge was built immediately after the ducal seat was moved from Malamocco to Rialto in 813, enters the first stone bridge, as we read in Diaries of Marin sanudo, was built a few centuries later by the Doge Pietro Sardonico near the  Chiesa di San Zaccaria. Then came the first time worked to the Istrian stone which, from that time up to our days, was always used in all large buildings in the city.

But the king of all the bridges he has remained, the Mister Rialto Bridge, that with wide arch of 28 meters wide and 22 meters high above the center line of tide 7.5 meters, crosses the Grand Canal. This bridge sums up in its former name the whole glorious history of the life of Venice commercial and seafaring: majestic giant that, as a triumphal arch thrown on the Grand Canal, has always dominated in all the popular festivities Venetian and still dominates particularly in Historical Regatta, which assists, silent witness to the passing of the colorful procession of Bissone, the Venetian Gondola dressed up to the nines, infiorate boats and fast Gondolini who compete to get to top four in bandiera, as in past centuries was covered with damask drapes to greet the Bucintoro blazing golds and silvers.



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